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We design creative and professional blogs, videoblogs and online magazines.
We are of age! We have 18 years of practice in creating Internet solutions.


Every idea is perfect!

If you only create with your heart and passion, even the most absurd idea has a chance to gain great popularity and bring you real benefits.


One click, many distribution channels

Thanks to the applied solutions, sharing entries from your blog on social media will be as simple as ever.


no matter who you are

For a photographer, for graphics, for a writer, for a musician, for a lawyer, for an economist, for a trendsetter, for a hairdresser, for a make-up artist, for a designer, for a physicist … for you, no matter who you are!


Let your blog be a reflection of your personality. The new day is new challenges. Regardless of what role you have to fulfill.


Write a blog where you want, without restrictions

Our blogs are responsive and allow you to publish articles from any device with internet access. You can also publish texts on the blog via e-mail.


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A solidly run blog can be your invaluable showcase as an expert in your field, a passionate or an engaged and interested in world affairs. A good blog can be more effective when looking for a job than a CV. Just writing texts or taking photos or videos and putting them in an attractive way on a blog will show you that you can present a problem interestingly and that it may interest other people - this is also an important skill.

If you have a well-run blog , you do not have to tell too much about what you know and who you are, because you can put this information on blog . The written word is more credible (it still is!) From the spoken word, the more that not everyone can impressively talk about their achievements and skills.

Blog is the perfect place to show the whole world what you know, what you know and what your passions are. Future and present employers will be happy to see what you are writing and it will usually be a very positive signal for them that you are an interesting and hardworking person.

Designed blogs are equipped, among others, in:

- attractive, modern and responsive graphic design, -the content management system throughout the entire blog - advanced system supporting the positioning of the blog, - possibility of embedding videos directly from Youtube and / or Vimeo websites, - comment system (with the possibility of integration with facebook comments), - system for categorizing, tagging and searching for articles - possibility to talk to the author directly via Facebook Messenger, - system of automatic publication of entries in community portals (facebook, twitter, g +), -developed statistics, - evaluation and review system,